QR menu for restaurants

Get your QR code with the digital menu

We develop QR menu for restaurants, so you can make the process easier for your customers. Have a QR code for your restaurant menu or your business website.

Customers will be able to directly scan the QR code from their smartphone and quickly access their digital menu or website.  

Having a QR menu for restaurants will help you maintain a good relationship with your customers. You will be able to speed up:

– The process you want, such as accessing your menu or website.

– Be in contact with your audience at your fingertips.

– Offer sales promotions.

– Boost your sales

– Streamline your service

– Updated whenever you want

Exclusive QR

We will create an exclusive QR for your business is a short time, so that everyone can access the digital menu from their mobile phone.

Customizable and editable QR letter

We will make your letter personalized to your liking and it will be editable so you can modify it at any time.

Streamline your service

Thanks to the QR code and your digital menu, you will be able to speed up your customers' waiting times so that they can see the menu for themselves anywhere.

Multilanguage letters

Easily configure your menu in several languages, to be able to offer greater facilities to your customers.

Some examples:

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